The globally distributed software engineering company

A full-cycle global software development company focusing on an approach to business transformation that puts people first. We work with clients at any scale and any platform.
What we do
Team Extension
We help companies enhance their capacity really fast.
Teams of 3-5 remote engineers are always ready to join you for a quick extension of your team.
Agile Software Development
We are responsible for agile-project delivery.
The Agile approach to software development results in a product that is designed, engineered, and validated to decrease risk and increase business value to the greatest extent possible.
    Squads Product Development
    We lead and deliver continuous value to business solutions through product development and design.
    Development squads - these are small, self-organized, multifunctional teams – typically comprising visual and user experience (UX) designers and analysts, developers, quality engineers, and product managers.
    We know that automated unit-testing should often play a significant role in the development process. Therefore all estimates include time for the development of unit tests. Management needs are always equipped with four metrics from all aspects of QA.
      We optimize the process of software development and software delivery, as well as provide client's servers with 24/7 technical support.
      Business analysis / Discovery phase
      Researching and defining the scope of the project so projects could be delivered faster and come under budget.
      Real-time customer support
      We assemble individuals with industry-specific experience to ensuring each task we deliver is perfectly aligned with your unique strategic objective. We place collaboration focus on an individual level to build the foundation of greater customer experience. We build the building blocks so you don't have to.
      User content moderation
      Ensuring a trusted customer service or social platform while delivering customer satisfaction and safe web content requires structured planning and substantial investments. We relies on years of experience, along with tried and tested processes, to deliver the highest standard of services.
      Our Advantages
      We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
      Years of experience
      Countries with live projects
      Round the clock availability
      How we work
      Time & material
      With this model, the customer pays for the time of the professionals who work on the software product with the customer's direct participation. This is one of the most flexible approaches because any number of changes can be made in projects at any stage of the development cycle.

      Dedicated Team
      The customer gets a team of engineers which are selected according to the project needs. The team becomes a part of the customer's company and completes the tasks defined. Additional engineers may be added to the project and changes may be made to the development process if necessary.

      A hybrid approach may be the best one under certain circumstances, where different interaction models are selected for different stages of the project. This allows the customer to maintain full control over budget and deadlines, combined with maximum flexibility of the development process.Our prices are fixed for some standard services and we offer discounts for regular clients. Also, we ask our new clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
      Target Price
      We estimate project costs based on project goals, timeline and available budget; establish target price; and deliver the project within the pre-set cost constraint. The actual amount of money that was overspent or underspent is split evenly between ourselves and the client.
      Our Clients Love Us
      Chatroulette successfully pairs random users for webcam-based conversations since 2009. With 2+ million monthly users, Chatroulette is not only the first but also the largest random online chat website worldwide.
      Arto is a mobile app for taxi rentals as seamless as car-sharing, that is made possible by running a fleet of private investors' cars.
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      2nd Floor College House,
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